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Our Showroom

Muthu Gold House Pondicherry Muthu Gold House Pondicherry
Muthu Gold House, an expansive two storied showroom, stands on the middle of J.N Street, that is easily accessible from any corner of the city. Located in the most bustling shopping area of the J.N Street, Puducherry.

To the fact customer from anywhere and any place coming for this market will surely see the Mart and will not miss the opportunity of visiting it, the building is well constructed and furnished. The interior decoration with Italian Mosaic, costly wood, glass pieces and light fitting all together gives a fantastic look during evening hours. Customers may decide well in advance to purchase in other shop can get mind buckle and will surely visit Muthu Gold House.

The showroom is scientifically arranged for different categories of ornaments. Each floor consists of a carpet area of --------- sq.ft. According to the customer's requirement and to the reduce the traffic, the management had made arrangements for each category in each floor, which will give a chance to the customers to take sufficient time for selecting the items and feel comfortable while shopping jewellery. Hence Ground floor is specifically planned for gold jewellery to give a special attraction to passer by and the then proposed buyers.