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The Board of Directors consists of Mr. ------------- and Mrs. ------------------ as we have already mentioned earlier. With regard to the management committee for our type of concern we have a well set up and organized management system.

As Muthu Gold House believes on its long, term benefits the need for an organized management system is most important. Even though it is showroom, it is has a repute of a well established corporate house. It has system of regular review and monitors the defaults as and when they occur.

The management committee consists of Chairman, Directors, Head of Accounts Dept., Administration dept., Personnel dept., and Marketing department. Mr. ------------- who is chairman of the committee is happy to say that the reason of success behind it is that there is belongingness among the staffs and good coordination among departments.

Muthu Gold House Pondicherry  Mr.M. Pajani Adecalam

Muthu Gold House Pondicherry  Mr.M. Sougoumarin

  Muthu Gold House Pondicherry
Muthu Gold House Pondicherry