2958 .00/gm
Our Highlights

  • Muthu Gold House provides superior quality gold to the clients. Hence quality seeking customers from all over India buying jewels regularly from Muthu Gold House right from Nose Pin upto Malai.

  • Muthu Gold House is a "No Bargain Zone", hence anyone can just come and buy without worrying whether they are charged more. A lay man and a smart person get the jewellery items for the same price

  • Value addition charges are applicable and uniform even when the gold prices are high.

  • Diamonds incorporated Jewellery Items will be made available based on the order.

  • Wastage will not be charged again for old gold items (except stones, pearls, coral, etc.,) at the time of exchange of our 916 KDM jewels.
    Muthu Gold House Pondicherry